grunge is dead

In fashion on February 9, 2010 at 2:51 PM

There once was a time when grunge woke up and took off somewhere in Seattle, banging its body around Nirvana.  That time ended quickly and its style, forever butchered. 

From experience, grunge is the most difficult fashion to pull off:

  • grunge clothing (like the signature plaid shirt) has migrated into other fashions, like preppy and punk. 
  • the fashion was so heavily influenced by music of the time. 
  • runway took grunge (just before it’s death) to the catwalk. 

(below: grunge on the runway)

(below: your wealthy celebrity Ashley-Olsen attempting to look grunge)

  • It was a lifestyle, like the hippie fashion of the 60’s. 
  • you can’t really buy grunge clothes.  you have to sift through goodwill bins in hope of finding that perfect piece without a stain or a tear. 

Grunge is also very uni-sex based.  Both sexes wear loose jeans, both wear flannels, outdoor clothing. 

Think something like this if you’re trying to bring back grunge from the dead: would I wear it camping?  Could I wear it camping? 

do I like grunge?  I love it, tried to pull it off myself but probably only nailed it once or twice. 

(above: congrats to ELLE magazine)


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